A SULAM workshops will be conducted on 22ndOct. 2021 (Friday). Each workshop will take maximum of 100 participants ONLY. This workshop is targeted for lecturers and instructors who are interested in exploring the nuts and bolts of designing and implementing SULAM in their course. The online workshop will be conducted by SULAM Strategic Committee members.



22 Oktober 2021 (Friday)





8.30 am – 9.00 am

Participant registration to Workshop: Designing Effective SULAM Courses



Dr Amalina

9.00 am  – 10.00 am

Topic 1

Planning of SULAM in your course

Prof. Dr. Mohd Zaki Kamsah

Chair of SULAM Strategic Committee

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

10.00 am  – 11.00 am

Topic 2

Collaborating with Community Partner

Prof. Madya Dr. Farrah Dina Yusop

SULAM Strategic Committee Member

Universiti Malaya



Dr. Ferdaus


11.00 am – 12.00 pm

Topic 3

Implementing SULAM in community

Dr. Mohd Hafiz Abu Hassan

SULAM Strategic Committee Member

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)



Dr. Ferdaus


12.00 pm – 2.30 pm



2.30 pm  – 3.30 pm

Topic 4

Evaluating students’ SULAM project

En. Serit anak Banyan

SULAM Strategic Committee Member

Taylor’s University



Dr. Ferdaus


3.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Topic 5

Student Reflection on SULAM

Prof. Madya Dr Rafeah Wahi

SULAM Strategic Committee Member

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak



Dr. Ferdaus


4.30 pm

End of Day 1 Session








== ::Program Name

SULAM 2021 Online Exhibition and Competition (Poster competition HERE)



The goal of the competition is to highlight your SULAM experience in terms of what you learned and the impact on the stakeholders.



  1. The SULAM 2021 Online Exhibition and Competition is open to all educators and students.
  2. Those who are interested to participate should register before 15th September 2021.
  3. The participation can be either individual or in group (up to 6 members). Members can come either from schools / universities / students / industry.
  4. Submission must relate to “Inspiring Learners, Empowering Community” (Menginspirasi Pelajar, Memperkasa Komuniti”)
  5. The submitted SULAM project must be a part of course offered in the institution.
  6. Participants are allowed to submit more than one submission (Participant must pay full fees for each submission)
  7. The organizer reserves the right to reject submissions that do not fulfill the above-mentioned criteria.



We offer attractive prizes that include:

Gold Medalists Medal + Certificate
Silver Medalists Medal + Certificate
Bronze Medalists Medal + Certificate
People’s Choice Award Certificate


Important Dates

Due Date for Registration : 15 September 2021 30 September 2021

Due  Date for Poster & Video Submission: 10 October 2021


Judging Criteria

Each submission will be judged based on the following:

  1. Creativity & Innovation
  2. SULAM elements (Approach, Action, Learning, and Reflection)
  3. Impacts to Institution, Educator, Student and Community
  4. Challenges, opportunities and reward
  5. Collaboration with industry/agency/NGOs
  6. Presentation (display of poster)
  7. Video Presentation

Presentation and exhibition guidelines

  1. For SULAM 2021 Online Exhibition and Competition, each participant is required to prepare A3 POSTER and PRESENTATION VIDEO for evaluation.
  2. The poster and video presentation should include:
  • Course Name (s) and Project Objective(s)
  • Community served (Name, location and the number of community members involved)
  • Creativity & Innovativeness (Changes/Improvement)
  • SULAM elements (Approach, Action, Learning, and Reflection)
  • Impact to Institution (How SULAM had benefited the institution)
  • Impact to educators (How SULAM had affected your teaching, research and career)
  • Impact to students’ learning (achievement of Course Learning Outcomes, application of theories/knowledge in the community, soft skills developed)
  • Impact to community (Community Impact – social, physical and economic, how community can independently sustain the project)
  • Challenges, opportunities and reward (How did you face the challenges, opportunities arose, benefits and positivity gained from implementing SULAM)
  • Collaboration with industry/agency/NGOs (if any)
  • Awards received -Title, exhibition and year (if any)


  1. The submissions are judged based on the criteria of well written content and the organization, design, clarity and formatting of both poster and video.
  2. Both the poster and URL of the YouTube video must be submitted before 10th October 2021.
  3. All submissions will be showcased in SULAM 2021 Facebookpage



  1. The poster must be in A3 size using powerpoint (one slide only) with minimum font size of 16.
  2. All poster must be arranged in PORTRAIT orientation.
  3. Please download and use the template provided HERE and saved as JPEG format. (best view from firefox), or try this link HERE
  4. Photographs to be included on the poster must be high resolution so that they will not be pixilated if enlarged or printed.



  1. The presentation video is between 7-10 minutes long, and should be uploaded to your own YouTube channel.
    Please change the privacy setting of the video to “public”.
  2. The video should describe the project submission, and it may be presented in the following format:
    • Talking head + Powerpoint presentation
    • Narrated Powerpoint presentation
    • Screen casting
    • Explanation/Demonstration
    • Mini Documentary

Registration Fees

 Each submission is subjected to a payment of :

Competition (Lecturer) : RM200
Competition (Student) : RM100




Email :
Website :