ICLCA 2017

It is clear from the Paris Agreement 2015 that most UNFCCC member countries intend to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with their respective ‘National Determined Contribution (NDC)’ target so as to hold the ongoing rise in global average temperature to below 2°C.  Asian countries are characterized by strong economic growth and can provide significant potential in GHG emission reductions in various sectors. It is important to note that several mechanisms have been implemented in Asia, notably, low carbon city, local low carbon technologies, and innovative low carbon tools and models, including behavioral principle of low carbon and sufficiency thinking. Entering into a low carbon society requires the exchange and sharing of knowledge among countries of the continent.

The 3rd International Conference of Low Carbon Asia and Beyond (ICLCA 2017) aims to provide a high‐impact platform bringing together researchers and multi‐stakeholders from academia, government and industry in Asia to share their expertise, knowledge and experiences in order to facilitate and catalyze the transformation of Low carbon society in Asia and beyond.

The 3rd ICLCA features the important sectors of potential low carbon technologies in Asia and well-known keynotes speakers from all over the globe to provide participants with a broader and deeper understanding of low carbon society.

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Keynote Speakers ( Click link to download the presentation)

  1. Professor Dr. Jiri Klemes – Slides presentation
  2. Professor Dr. Priyadarshi R. Shukla – Slides presentation


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