ICLCA 2019


The accepted full paper will be either published in Scopus indexed Chemical Engineering Transactions (CET) or ISBN proceedings (non-indexed), subject to the scope. In addition to these two publications, it will also be published in an internal non-index proceeding (the content of the full paper in internal non-index proceedings will not be having similarity index issues for future publication). For CET, additional processing cost is applicable.

One registration is entitled to the maximum of two CET papers; or 1 CET paper and 1 ISBN proceeding paper; or 1 ISBN proceeding paper.

The organizers are currently arranging the Special Issues in:





 Chemical Engineering Transaction



Energy, Elsevier [IF: 5.537]


MDPI [IF: 2.592] 



ICLCA 2018

1) Energy (in progress)

2) Chemical Engineering Transactions Vol.72 (2019)


ICLCA 2017

1) Journal of Cleaner Production

Cross-disciplinary approaches towards Smart, Resilient and Sustainable Community

2) Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy (wrap-up)

3) Chemical Engineering Transactions Vol.63 (2018)

ICLCA 2016

1) Journal of Cleaner Production

Enabling Low Carbon Emissions in Asia and Beyond

2) Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 

Low-Carbon Emissions in Asia

3) Chemical  Engineering Transaction Vol. 56 (2017)


ICLCA 2015

1) Journal of Cleaner Production

Bridging the Gaps for Accelerating Low Carbon Actions in Asia

2) Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

Mobilizing the Potentials towards Low Carbon Societies in Asia