Pro Chancellors
Pro Canselor

YBhg. Tan Sri Dr. Salleh bin Mohd Nor

P.S.M., D.S.N.S., D.S.P.M., K.M.N., P.J.N., A.M.P. (Harvard),
Ph.D (Forestry)(Michigan), Hon. D.Sc. (UKM), Hon. D.Sc. (Arbedeen), M.Sc. (Forestry),
B.Sc. (Forestry)(Adelaide), Dip. (Forestry)(Canberra), F.A. Sc. (M)



YBhg. Tan Sri Datin Paduka Siti Sadiah binti Sheikh Bakir

P.S.M., D.P.M.J., K.M.N., J.S.M., P.I.S., M.B.A. (Henley, UK), B.Ec. (UM)

*As of March 2021; Source by Governance; Updated by Office of Strategy and Corporate Affairs