Keris Ganja Seiras Melela


Keris is one of the regalia in the Malay culture that symbolizes nobility, valour, and authority. The adoption of this traditional Malay weapon as the emblem of the University’s authority blends harmoniously with the nation’s endeavor for a national cultural identity.

Keris Ganja Seiras Melela is the official name given to this insignia keris. His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong VI inaugurated this symbolic keris of legitimate governance on Monday, November 28, 1977. The keris was officially used during the second convocation held on December 3, 1977 and is still in use till today.

The keris has a total of 25 waves. The number of waves epitomizes the 25 most significant prophets in Islam. Weighing approximately six kilograms, the keris has a total length of 104 cm, measured from the tip of handle to the tip of the blade. The blade and its raised collar-guard, called ganja, are made of copper, with a fine and smooth damascene. The hilt of the keris is carved from ivory in the form of horse hoofs embellished with meandering clouds of interlaced floral motifs. A hilt cup that resembles a blossoming pomegranate complements the meeting point between the blade and the hilt.

The sheath of the keris is made of silver and engraved with ‘Awan Larat’. It has UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA delicately inscribe in Arabic calligraphy. The sheath is sharp as ‘Sehari Bulan’ and engraved with meandering clouds of vegetal motifs. The national emblem is engraved in the front whereas the logo of UTM is on the other side. Both symbols are inlaid in gold.