This is an A-Z listing of all Administrative and Support Units within Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Admission Office

The Academic Management Unit is the Admissions Office which receives all undergraduate and postgraduate applications for distribution to the appropriate academic faculties/departments. The office determines the fee status of applicants, distributes pre-arrival information to candidates and organizes the University’s clearing activities. They support University staff by keeping them up-to-date with sector trends, developments and best practice as well as data on intake and graduate and graduate employability.

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Alumni Relations Unit

The Alumni Relations Unit supports the social and professional relationship between the University and its alumnus. The unit also facilitates the flow of contribution from UTM’s alumni members through various activities such as fund-raising, visits, charity-based events and tournaments and community work.

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Division of Asset and Development

The Division of Asset and Development comprises of two main divisions namely the Asset Division and the Development Division. The Asset Division deals with the management and maintenance of asset and facilities, except staff housing and vehicles. The Development Division deals with the planning and implementation of physical development of the campus.

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Innovation and Commercialisation Centre

Innovation and Commercialisation Centre, ICC is the centre for innovative technology development, technology transfer and commercialization in UTM. Broad and deep resources are ICC strongest points in delivering quality solutions. It has an excellent record of solving tough problems, accelerating quality results for clients.

ICC strives to strengthen the link between the industry, community and the university by organising a series of activities, forums and exhibitions to ensure continuous interactions between all parties. ICC offers a range of services to expedite the university’s IP exploitation and commercialisation via close links with the researchers, the industries and the communities.

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Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office is responsible for providing timely and accurate financial information, services and advice to allow for effective and efficient management and control of the University. On a day-to-day basis the department manages all aspects of University finance, from invoice processing to running the payroll, and processing staff expenses to debt collection. It offers business advice to faculties, departments and other units and also processes students’ tuition and accommodation fees.

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UTM Academic Leadership

The UTM Academic Leadership is dedicated to providing the academic staff with guidance, resources and support needed to ensure that the highest quality of teaching and learning takes place throughout the University. Through individual, group, and campus-wide structured and non-structured programmes, CTL keeps the teaching staff abreast of pedagogical developments in and outside the classroom, maintains and provides useful resources on teaching and learning and supports teaching staff in enhancing their teaching. CTL also provides training and learning support programmes to students to promote academic excellence and to facilitate the development of generic skills to assist the University in producing competent, creative and versatile professionals.

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Centre of Information & Communication Technology

The CICT is responsible for the ICT infrastructure, including the voice and data network, network security, and the University’s e-mail and desktop systems. Dedicated teams provide support to faculties and central support services. It is responsible for the University’s portal strategy and provides faculties and departments with web development services and support for developing e-learning courses and modules. The Centre has the largest computer hall in the country and also supports more than 2,000 internet-connected computers available to all students in open-access computer laboratories throughout UTM, in the library and in residential colleges.

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Counseling & Career Centre

The Centre provides careers advice and guidance to students and graduates of the University. It also offers help in preparing for interviews and practice at aptitude tests and organises recruitment/career fairs and employer presentations. The Centre also provides counselling services for students and staff. Counselling is a free, confidential service and counsellors are professionally qualified and work within the ethical framework for good practice.

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Student Recruitment & Admission Division


The Student Recruitment & Admission Division is responsible for managing the University’s marketing function – conducting University’s student recruitment (both undergraduate and post graduate), market research and analysis, identifying the needs and characteristics of target markets, undertaking marketing planning, providing marketing advice on course and University development. In achieve this responsibility, the Unit work with all areas of our faculties/ school to develop a strong and integrated approach to marketing, in line with the strategic direction of the University.

The Unit resources are largely dedicated to marketing activities at a university-wide level. Our staff of the Unit also work with other areas of the University, particularly Faculties and Schools, to ensure they maximise the effect of their marketing activity and expenditure.

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Office of Corporate Affairs

The Office of Corporate Affairsis a unit within the Chancellery of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), which initiates and coordinates relationships that support UTM’s agendas, events, website, admin, research and service mission. Working with administrators, faculty and development staff, the office provides access to expertise, services, and tools to successfully link the University with organizations, universities, foundations, businesses and industry. The office also assists in developing strategic plans, monitoring of KPIs, and risk management framework for the University. The management of data/information for university website and ranking purposes is also coordinated by this office.

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Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs led by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) who is appointed by the Minister of Higher Education. The current Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) is Dato’ Prof. Ir. Dr. Alias Mohd. Noor. In general, the duties and responsibilities of the Student Affairs are to provide facilities and infrastructures for a conducive learning process in the varsity and to act as a one-stop agency in administration with regard to services to students. The Office of Student Affairs is also responsible for administration concerning student development, financial aid, health, rules, accommodation (hostel), students’ welfare, students’ association activities and as well as sports activities. The Office of Student Affairs, in Skudai and Kuala Lumpur campuses have similar duties and responsibilities.

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Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs is responsible for the recruitment and welfare of international staff and students, international collborations, and international engagements as well as promoting the University’s exchange programmes. The office also assists the University in implementing its internationalization strategies and activities.

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Occupational Safety & Health Unit

The Occupational Safety & Health Unit is responsible for providing advice to ensure a safe working environment. The unit provides information and awareness pack to staff and students and organises induction into the health and safety aspects that affect their working environment.
The unit also provides advice on the complex legislation that affects both the day-to-day office safety matters as well as more specialised issues. Further responsibilities include liaising with various enforcement agencies.

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Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office co-ordinates activities and policies across the different administrative sections of the University. It provides committee services to the University’s primary governance bodies and advises on the interpretation and development of the University’s policies and procedures. The Registrar acts as Secretary to The University’s Senate, Board of Directors and Executive Committee, the three main bodies responsible for the governance of The University.

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Research Management Centre

Research Management Centre (RMC) is responsible for delivering the University’s research strategy and for promoting good practice in all areas of research. The centre also manages the protection of intellectual property arising from all academic and research activities in the University. RMC takes the lead on developing and maintaining relationships with external funding organisations.

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Sports and Recreation

UTM has a Sports Complex that comes complete with squash courts, badminton courts and indoor games hall. UTM also provides football fields and facilities for tennis, basketball, volleyball, rugby, football, cricket, hockey, equine, archery, wall climbing and water-sports. The majority of the courts are located in the vicinity of the residential colleges.

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UTM Press

UTM Press is the university’s publication unit which publishes academic journals and books. The unit is headed by a Director and assisted by professionals and support staff. UTM Publisher is supported by two main panels : The Book Panel and the Journal Panel.The unit aslo acts as the secretriat for the University Academic Publication Committee.

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Islamic Centre

UTM Islamic Center is an important institution that has a very broad function of acting as a center of worship, mission and knowledge center, administrative center, social activities center and also to develop human capital and to encourage UTM Muslim staff and students in particular to the level of excellence in world and the hereafter.

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