Housing Loan


  1. All staff appointed UTM eligible for housing loan facility subject to the following conditions:
  2. All permanents staff
  3. Citizens of Malaysia
  4. Application Forms submitted 6 months before retirement / termination services
  5. Serve at least 1 year
  6. Was confirmed
  7. Not a bankrupt, the debt of punishment, salary eaters can not afford, while in disciplinary action

Types of Loans / Financing

  1. Buying a home is completed (Type 1
  2. Build houses on their own land (type 2)
  3. Buying a house which is under construction (Type 3)
  4. Buy land (Type 4)
  5. Solve the housing loan from a bank or financial institution (Type 5)

Loan Scheme

  1. Malaysia Housing Loan Scheme (PPC)
  2. Islamic Home Financing Scheme (SPPPI)