“ A research group that has a core research interest in IoT with strong level of industrial application ”

TeSS IoT Stories

Internet of Things (IoT) allows for remote data control across wireless network infrastructure and is a catalyst for increasing application areas for Internet connected automaton. It is a system composed of smart objects or sensors which are identifiable, able to communicate and interact, either among themselves, or with end-users or other entities in the network, for ubiquitous real-time information services.

TeSS is involved in the developments of several IoT application initiatives such Smart Door Access, Waste Recycling & Collection System (WARMS), Spool Tracking System, Warehouse Management System and Queue Management System. The developed IoT applications can be monitored and accessed via any types of end user devices such as smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC from three different platforms; Windows, Web-based and Android.

Our research addresses topics such as:
• Cognitive & Cooperative IoT
• Wireless Sensor Network
• Smart Grid
• Location Tracking
• Machine to Machine (M2M)
• Network Coding & Security
• Human to machine communication
We are also involve in multidisciplinary collaborations with colleagues from computer science, big data, and many more.