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As an office to make sure the workplace is safe, healthy and free-risks arising from work activities and environment.

Office has the following functions:

1. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION Plan and implement programmes and related activities towards a workplace that is safe and healthy to the community of UTM and others.
2. INSPECTION & AUDITING Perform audits of inspection work, all public buildings and facilities of the University.
3. INVESTIGATION OF ACCIDENTS To make an investigation on a complaint, near-miss accident, accident, occupational disease and occupational poisoning.
4. SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION Manage scheduled chemicals waste for the purpose of disposal in accordance with the relevant legislation. Monitor water and lake quality in UTM Campus
5. COORDINATION The main Secretariat for co-ordinator of Main Committee OSHE, programmes and activities related to occupational safety and health who is in University.
6. MONITORING Implement monitoring of health hazards in the workplace arising from work activities carried out.
7. DISSEMINATION ,TRAINING AND PROMOTIONS Convening and organizing training programmes, promotion and encouragement, talks and campaign money relating to occupational safety and health.