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Application Procedures

Application Procedures

A. Overview

Overview on the application procedure

In the general the applicant being the responsible person require to provide vital input throughout the procedures. The integrity of the information provided will ensure a rapid processing towards a successful application. The procedures may be tedious but necessary due to the nature of the materials involved. The NBB stated three separate requirements to be fulfilled by researchers working with different degrees of biological materials. In general the procedures are as illustrated within the flowchart given.

Flowchart: Click Here


  1. Biosafety Clearing House – Central Portal  (URL-  http://bch.cbd.int/   )
  2. Biosafety Clearing House – Malaysia (URL- http://www.biosafety.nre.gov.my/)
  3. Department of Biosafety, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

B. Exemption Procedures

C. Notification Procedures

D. Approval Procedures

E. Other Forms