Past Event

  • Glimpse of University Presidents Forum


    Theme: International Collaboration in Research and Academic Programs
    Discussion topics:

    • Internationalization of Academic Programs
    • Internationalization Research and Development in Higher Education Institutions
    • Developing International Competitiveness in Globalized Higher Education
    • Challenges to Free Knowledge in Global Higher Education
    • Academic Mobility Programs
    • Sustaining Institutional Diversity in a Global Higher Education
    • Critical Success Factors in Strategic Higher Education Alliance
    • Development of Global Ready Graduates with High Ethics and Integrity
    • Research-Led Teaching & Learning in Higher Education Institutions
    • Role of Higher Education Institutions in Satisfying the Global Employment Needs – To Educate or To Train?

    20 universities from eleven countries have attended this event



    5 Key Themes:

    • Positioning University Focus in Innovation-led Economy
    • University Stewardship in Combating Climate Change – Developing Sustainable Technology
    • University of the Next Generation – Creation of Sustainable Campus
    • Strengthening Academic-Industry Partnership
    • Future Internationalisation Policy & Direction

    30 universities from 13 countries have attended this forum in 2010.



    Theme: Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Challenges for UniversitiesDiscussion topics:

    • Strengthening innovation towards sustainability;
    • Fostering entrepreneurial culture in academia; and
    • Global networking towards value driven internationalisation in universities

    28 University Presidents and top academics have attended University Presidents Forum 2011.



    Theme: Innovative . Entrepreneurial . Global Discussion topics:

    • Innovative
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Global

    42 participants from 21 universities attended this forum in 2012.




    Theme: CO2 Reduction, Innovation and Sustainability

    Plenary Speakers:

    • Professor Anthony J. Sisnkey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.“Sustainable High-Value Bio-Based Industry for Feedstocks to Fuels, Chemicals and Materials”
    • Professor Nick Collings, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. “Reducing transport CO2 Emissions through Novel Engine Technology”
    • Professor Gustaf Olsson, Lund University, Sweden. “Water & Energy: Threats and Opportunities”
    • Dr. Akio Takemoto, Director of Asia-Pacific Network (APN), Japan. “Low Carbon Policy in Japan and Asia-Pacific Region”

    University Presidents and top academics fro
    m 13 countries attended this event.



    Theme: Global Collaboration Opportunities in Knowledge Creation and Innovation

    Plenary Speakers:

    • Prof. Ir. Dr. Wahid Omar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia. “Partnerships in Knowledge, Creation & Innovation”
    • Prof. Mark Spearing, Southampton University, United Kingdom. “The University as the Engine of Innovation & Entrepreneurship”
    • Prof. Duck Ho-Lim, Hanyang University, Korea. “Knowledge Partnerships in a Globalised World: Driving the Future of Asia’s Research & Innovation Landscape”
    • Prof. Michael Adewumi, Pennsylvania State University, USA. “Universities, Research and Innovation: Changing Dynamics for the Knowledge Society”

    University Presidents and top academics from 15 countries attended this event.