In the face of global competition, universities have to adapt to the challenge in innovative and impactful ways to make a difference. Thus, sustainable innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets are called for towards creating a versatile and dynamic human capital able to adapt to rapid challenges. Embracing sustainability requires resourceful mindsets and solutions in our everyday undertakings and work practices, merging efficiency, effectiveness and ‘out of the box’ way of doing things with a strong entrepreneurial thinking.

As a premier research university in Engineering & Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) recognises the importance of preparing its students to be global citizens. One of the major events relevant to fulfilling this quest is the organisation of the annual University Presidents Forum generally held in March each year in conjunction with the university’s convocation ceremony. The purpose of the University Presidents Forum (UPF) is to identify common issues and opportunities for research universities that would further strengthen the roles and relevance of universities. Presidents or Vice Chancellors of the selected universities are invited to present their diverse views, insights and experience on global education and research. We hope to forge an international network of universities that will strengthen the efforts of the participating universities and create active and effective alliances in research and education through this forum.

Why UTM University Presidents Forum?

  • Platform to discuss current issues relating to higher education
  • Outline strategy and action plan to improve collaboration and cooperation amongst participating universitie