Our Undergraduate Story




Mohd Syahlan bin Mohd Syukri

Bachelors of Engineering (Chemical)
Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Why I choose UTM :
UTM is one of the universities in Malaysia that provides a complete and high-technology specific to the field of engineering. Therefore, the services provided will help the students to understand more clearly and proficiently on the nature of work as an engineer.
UTM also provides condusive teaching and learning atmosphere to the students. Finally, UTM managed to produce graduates who have a first-class mind through programmes and opportunities provided to students during their studies.

My Experience in UTM:
During my studies at UTM, I can hone my leadership skills by joining clubs and associations such as the Committee of College Students and the Students’ Representative Council 2013/2014 session as Secretary of the Department of Academic Development and Leadership. Through my involvement in these associations, I managed to improve my own potential to produce better quality work.
Last but not least, I am very proud to say that I was given an opportunity by UTM to participate in a student exchange program to Japan for a semester. In this programme, I learned about Japanese culture and make connections with students and lecturers at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.




Adilah Jamaluddin

Bachelors of Urban and Regional Planning
Faculty of Built Environment

Why I choose UTM :
For those who love travelling very much, urban and regional planning is the right choice to be made. In urban and regional planning, we learned to explore both urban and rural environment. Plus, we also learned on how urban planning can improve the quality of people’s life through the cities design. Apart from that, we also learn about the city design and explore the relationship between the human, natural environment as well as with the built environment.
And, of course, UTM has the best offer for the courses. It has all, the capability lecturers to be learned from, improvised syllabus according to the demand from the real world as well as the accommodations.

My Experience in UTM:
Of course, I was given several opportunities to go to the overseas! I’ve been to Bangkok, Singapore as well Japan since my study years in UTM. Plus, I’ve done my internship in Japan for 3 weeks and it was fully sponsored by JASSO. UTM also given me chances to organise a big event namely, Planning Student’s Assembly (PSA) among IPTA’s as well as improving my leadership skills through PEWIBAWA (Persatuan Mahasiswa Perancangan Bandar dan Wilayah, UTM).





Nurulsurusiah binti Mohamad

Bachelors of Engineering (Chemical)
Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Why I choose UTM :
UTM is one of the best university in Malaysia and even internationally. So the process of learning and teaching taught by highly qualified teachers and dedicated. Good infrastructure and facilities are also makes me confident that students will be able to study and do better here. Finally, graduate from UTM have a good chance to get his career because UTM always make a career program.

My Experience in UTM:
I had the opportunity to lead a student group on promoting biodiesel in Malaysia and other Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and China. In addition, I also had the opportunity to forge a closer relationship with the whole student and lecturer at the University of Tanjung Pura Indonesia through programs such as Science and Engineering Exploration. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to participate in a student exchange to Japan during the first semester. And it was the most memorable.


Nur Syazwani

Nur Syazwani bt Noor Azman

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Electric-Electronic)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering 

Why choose UTM:
UTM is one of the universities that offer the best engineering courses in Malaysia. Additionally, UTM are also among the chosen to have appointed the Research University status in our country. UTM have all the facilities needed by students for our research, studies and lifestyle. So I guess my decision to chose UTM to continue my studies in engineering is absolutely the best decision.

Experience in UTM:
Always engage in activities organized by the college and university so that we can get experiences on many things. For example, I was a member of the committee in conducting the dinner college program. From there we can get to know our weaknesses and find ways to further improve self skills for the best of our future.

Name: Jasdave Singh a/l Bhjan Singh
Programme: Bachelor of Management Technology

Name: Nidzam Adzhar Bin Mohd Fauzi
Programme: Electrical- Mechatronics Engineering

Name: Ahmad Shafik Bin Othman
Programme: Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry)


Name: Mustafa Khalifa Alghaled
Programme: IT Management


Name: Siti halilah bte nordin
Programme: Bachelor of Science (Industrial Biology)

Name: Muhammad Asyraf bin Aizuddin
Programme: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)