ACADEMIC ADVISING – Penasihatan Akademik

Academic advising is a process that encompasses the development and delivery of accurate, up-to-date information regarding educational programs, and courses, resources, policies, procedures and career options to aid students in pursuing their academic and career goals.

According to David Crockett, academic advising assists students to realize the maximum educational benefits available to them by helping then to better understand themselves and to learn to use resources of the institutions to meet their special educational needs.

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Objectives of Academic Advising

  1. To assist students in understanding institutional policies, procedures and regulations.
  2. To provide information on academic programs, institutional support services and resources.
  3. To assist students in planning, monitoring and evaluating their educational plans towards degree completion and developing decision-making skills.
  4. To assist students in determining their career goals.
  5. To assist students in developing their intellectual, personal and social development.