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1)UTM has a unit on water protection and conservation so called, Civil Works under the Office of Asset. The unit must supervise and conduct a series of maintenance and inspection of water savings and Non-Revenue Water (NRW) which usually occurred in the major Key Performance Index (KPI). Some of their deliveries are as follows:

1⃣ inspection each single piping layout within the campus for the routine works

2⃣ reports any failure/problem incurr during the utility bill record

3⃣ conduct a series of self-monitoring within the zoning and perimeter of water coverage

4⃣ training staff for the competencies of water works

5⃣ analyze the water saving each month



2)UTM Campus Sustainability is a secretariat office for the data collection and in-house consultation to the assistant engineer in order to enhance the water conservation program, such as

1⃣ yearly workshop/meeting for the improvement of data collection

2⃣ analyze the water consumption rate and advise any necessary action to the unit

3⃣ initiate a program of water conservation activity, such as recommendation of rainwater harvesting, recycling/reuse water within premises, advisory for the protection of water resources and acknowledge any successful story on water conservation within campuses

4⃣ promote the sustainable water conservation and protection


3)Ground Water project:

Ground water monitoring well in UTM:

  • Depth: 3-6 meters
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches

some monitoring well is still in use.

Location of monitoring well:

  • Near the hockey field in UTM
  • Near to marching field in UTM
  • Near to go kart in UTM
  • Near to Desa Skudai
  • Near to Sek Agama and  horse stable in UTM