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Implementation of Integrated Waste Management in UTM

1.Waste HUB Facilities UTM

The Integrated Solid Waste Management Center is made according to the waste under PHB management. It includes branding and consolidation:

  • UTM Recycling Center (paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum)
  • Bio-Recycling Station (food waste and landscape waste)

2.Food Waste Utilization

Food wastes from the arcades or cafeterias within the campus will be collected, and to be sent to the UTM Orchard of Dusun for further processing. The process of converting the raw food waste into usable end products, such as animal feeds and compost fertilizers will usually take one to three days ferment.

3.Waste Separation Awareness and Procurement UTM

Food waste separation is important to facilitate fertilizer and animal feed making processes. Inorganic materials such as the plastics, drinking straws and food wrappings should be removed from organic waste such as fish bones, rice, vegetables, and fruit peels. Sources of food wastes are the arcades and cafeterias within UTM.

4. No polystyrene and no plastic bag policies

Enforcement of banning the use of polystyrene containers and plastic bag on campus. Instead, using a more environmentally friendly approach by using food wrapping papers.

5.Program “Bring Your Own Container”

In the effort of reducing plastic waste on the campus, the “Bring Your Own Container” program is an initiative that requires students to bring their own containers for takeaways.