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UTM Library

UTM Library is one of the offices that already conducting sustainable initiatives, one of the initiatives is awareness regarding waste separation.

Beside awareness regarding waste separation, UTM Library also creates awareness campaign regarding electricity and water saving by creating poster and signage at several locations.

Another initiative is the use of natural lighting which can reduce the use of electrical light at the Office/Library, this sustainable initiative would give an impact on lower energy consumption.

UTM Library also manages to modify a used plastic container to become a plant pot

They also put several plants in a certain location in order to

  • Reduce carbon dioxide levels.
  • Increase humidity.
  • Reduce levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Reduce airborne dust levels.

UTM’s Gallery and Mini Museum

UTM Gallery® is a unique name for compiling the UTM galleries and museum documentation to preserve and conserve the University’s historic heritage under the governance of the UTM Library. The initiative is to educate campus citizens and the public on the iconic benchmark and historical items from generation to generation. All documents and artifacts were collected from various sources and this is to show how significant UTM at the other side of Technical and Engineering only. This UTM Gallery is comprised of the main gallery called the UTM Gallery as a common purpose. Among the other galleries involved are King Zarith Sofiah Gallery, Researcher Gallery Gallery, Johor Intellectual Property Collection Gallery, Science Staircase Gallery, Open Gallery and @ UTMKL Gallery


  1. Galerium UTM: It is the main gallery and there are several smaller galleries such as the University Heritage Gallery, Microfilm Gallery, Information Technology Gallery and Audience Gallery. The artifacts on display are the equipment used by UTM staff and students during the 1970s to 1990s in the teaching, learning and research process.
  2. Galeri Tangga Ilmu: The Staircase Gallery comprises a number of posters themed by the UTM Convocation Event such as the history of the convocation customary ceremony and the cover page of the UTM Convocation Event book’s from the first till to the 40th convocation. All posters are displayed on the wall around steps 2 and 3.
  3. Galeri Terbuka: The Open Gallery is located on Level 3, a foyer space outside the UTM Library building. This gallery is a space used for a variety of exhibitions based on different themes and concepts that are operated on a regular basis and collaborate with others. The open gallery is also at the Library of Raja Zarith Sofiah, UTM Johor Bahru.
  4. Galeri Raja Zarith Sofiah: The Zarith Sofiah King Gallery is located in the King Zarith Sofiah Library Building, Level 2, UTM Johor Bahru. The gallery brings together a number of personal collections of reading materials in various fields donated by UTM Chancellor, His Royal Highness King Zarith Sofiah Binti of the late Sultan Idris Shah Al Mutawakkil Alallahi Shah.
  5. Galeri Tokoh Akademik: Researcher Recognition Gallery is a gallery that showcases a diverse collection of research-related materials in the field of expertise for selected and internationally renowned researchers. Among the collection of research materials on display are reading materials, award and achievement awards, publications, certificates of recognition, models, posters, videos, and other related media.
  6. Galeri Koleksi Khazanah Intelektual Johor: UTM Library builds and empowers the special collection databases relating to the supporting of Johor state government policy for a global Malays Culture Center, increase the vital role and visibility as well as a reference library UTM acquisition of knowledge to future generations.
  7. Galeri@UTMKL: Gallery @ UTMKL serves as a special collection storage center especially for MOU / MOA related documentation and research conducted at the UTMKL campus. The collection on display at Gallery @ UTMKL is divided into two, UTMK History Collection and Development from the beginning of its establishment as well as the History Collection of Village entity. This Gallery @ UTMKL is a collection center dedicated to the History of Kampung Bharu through the UTM Community & Industry Network program (CCIN).