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UI GreenMetric

In 2016, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has made its sixth entry into the UI Green Metric World University Ranking – an international ranking system of universities from around the world based on their environmental performance.

The purposes and goals of this ranking are as an assessment of the current condition on Green Campus, electricity usage, energy, water, and transportation. UI Green Metric World University Ranking measure the university’s effort to keep the environment green and sustainable, and ranking purpose and intended groups. The committee also collects some information about the institution from the web, in addition to the online survey results filled in by university leaders as information sources.

The Objectives

The ranking aims to:

  • Contribute to academic discourses on sustainability in education and the greening of campuses.
  • Promote university-led social change with regard to sustainability goals
  • Be a tool for self-assessment on-campus sustainability for higher education institutions (HEIs) around the globe
  • Informs governments, international and local environmental agencies and society about sustainability programs on campus

These are the criteria of the ranking

  1. Setting and Infrastructure (SI) (15%)
  2. Energy and Climate Change (EC) (21%)
  3. Waste (WS) (18%)
  4. Water (WR) (10%)
  5. Transportation (TR) (18%)
  6. Education (ED) (18%)

Achievement of UTM in UI GreenMetric Ranking

With the efforts of everybody, we can make UTM way better from what we achieved today. As our Vice Chancellor’s biggest interest lies in project management and sustainability and is strongly committed to his vision in transforming UTM into a sustainable campus.

Benefits of participating in UI GreenMetric World University Ranking

  • It can help the university’s effort at internationalization and recognition by getting its sustainability efforts on the map.
  • It can help to raise awareness in the university and beyond about the importance of sustainability issues.
  • GreenMetric is primarily about awareness-raising, but in the future it will be adapted to encourage real change.
  • Automatically be a member of UIGWURN (UI GreenMetric World University Ranking Network)

The future plans

A new version of UI GreenMetric should be developed to take into consideration how to better achieve its own goals, how to learn from constructive criticism about rankings and the advancement of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and how to learn from the diverse experience of participants with different goals and in different settings. Among the ideas under consideration for possible future innovations in the ranking are:

  • Better university profiling: Universities create a profile based on their unique missions, objectives, typological features and contexts
  • Category focused result: scores are provided not just as a single aggregate but separately for the main ranking categories and indicators.