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Our Policy


“The policy shall ensure that UTM functions as a Sustainable Campus Community through responsible and optimized resource management; innovative environmental and ecosystem management; efficient energy management and leadership commitment and campus-wide participation.”

The detailed policy that emphasizes on the three main topics;

  • resource consumption covers:
Detail Policy Characteristic
Enhancing  sustainable consumption of available resources Consumption
Minimizing waste and pollution Consumption – Resource
Introducing more local flora and fauna Resource
Maintaining  a healthy balance between developed and green areas Physical
Augmenting the conservation of wetland features Physical
Promoting low-carbon practices. Social – Economic – Physical
Adopting green building and infrastructure design. Physical
Eliminating non-biodegradable food and beverage packaging. Consumption
  • Economic:
Detail Policy Characteristic
Optimizing university assets and sustainable business opportunities. Economic
Achieving efficiency in the operational management of resources and facilities. Management resources
Strategize the provision of adequate financial resources Economic
  • Social-Cultural
Detail Policy Characteristic
Promoting community spirit and enhancing the quality of life. Social Community
Instilling integrity and ethical values. Value
Encouraging activities that appreciate the existing natural environment. Practice
Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Practice