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Green Office (LL2)

The conventional office provides lots of opportunities for green practices. From minimize the use of the paper, adjusting the office lighting system to let the natural sunlight enter the room, recycle the used computer, ink toner and cartridge until the selection of the electronic that saves the energy (Malaysia saving energy product).

  • Offices staffs commitment’s to reduce consumption of natural resources by improving environmental efficiency.
  • Commit to adopting more sustainable practices by increasing environmental awareness.
  • Sustained the green practices by monitoring, empowerment and facilitating.

The objective of Green Office Campaign :

– To create a sustainable office environment

– To educate a pro-environmental behavioral staff

– To coordinate and monitor the ‘Green Office’ initiatives in each center/division/unit in UTM

Sustainable practices are defined as the adoption of a mechanism or system by using resource-wise fully by educating the consumers that support by sustainable facilities to reduce the ecological footprint.

GUIDELINES. We encourage everyone to use their BEST EFFORTS to implement the UTM GREEN OFFICE GUIDELINES to the extent reasonably feasible and make them your own. Inspiring and educating yourself and others will ensure environmentally sustainable practices. Thanks for transformation since 2015 and impactful participation from the bottom-line of UTM’s Stakeholders. Together, we will make a difference.

Six Main Items of Green Office Challenge, the action is needed in the following areas:

  1. Save and Efficient Energy Consumption
  2. Save Paper
  3. Green E-waste
  4. Practical Recycling and Reuse
  5. Sustainable Meeting
  6. Green Packaging (Bring Own Container and No Single-Use Plastics)


            Green Office

           Green E-Waste

       Sustainable Meeting

        Maximize Natural Light