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Living Laboratory UTM (LL)

The concept of LL can be interpreted and used as a human-centric research and development approach. LL approach not only focuses on involving students in the development process, but it also strives to facilitate the interaction among other relevant stakeholders, such as academia, researcher, administrative personnel. A university would operate as a fully integrated community that models social and biological sustainability itself. In many cases, people think about education, research, operation as separate activities but they are not actually. Because students learn from everything around them, these activities (E,R,O) form a complex of experience and learning. In order to graduate, students need to overcome this larger, extensive form of learning, education experience must reflect on the intimate connection among curriculum and research; understanding any negative ecological and social footprint of the institution and improve local and regional communities to more healthier and environmentally sustainable. Therefore, the concept of LL is a good to approach to enhance the sustainable development in UTM