Sikal Electric Rakyat 1 Malaysia (SER1M) is part of the National Green Technology Master Plan and the Electric Mobility Blueprint (EMB) to address greenhouse gas emission reduction and the development of the electric vehicle industry. SER1M program is a selected grouped initiative focused on IPTA/IPTS sustainable living life style. the aspiration of government to execute Transformasi Nasional as the main element of sustainability policy in the country to transform sustainable young mind among the youth.

Each selected IPTA/IPTS is a pioneer to accomplish low carbon culture and supporting healthy and active living style. This high impact project will help to coordinate campus sustainability program and achieve initiatives regarding alternative transportation for energy saving future.

The launch of “Sikal Electric Rakyat 1 Malaysia (SER1M)” at University Technology Malaysia (UTM) by The  Energy, Green Technology and Water Head of Secretary Dato Seri Dr Zaini Ujang