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Green Community (LL6)


What is Green Community?

Green community is one of the campus initiative which aim to assist the society problems by providing a sustainable solution, beside helping the community  by using sustainable approach. This is include some of the program/initiatives by stakeholders in engaging the action plan in phases, which must ensure the activity sustain in a long period. Green community initiative is also to educate the public or society regarding the importance of sustainability environment and several issues related to it such as carbon minimization and waste management. In UTM, Green Community embraces the internal and external stakeholders to enhance the spirit of togetherness accross the boundary. It shall not by project or program related to environment, but more extremenly in smart-partnership of educational framework and Social Responsibility, such as community services, NGO’s collaboration and volunteerism activity

With Green community initiative, its expected that participated community can understand the concept and importance of sustainability will give a positive impact towards the 3 sustainable element in the future, which is human, nature and economy.