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Environmental Sustainability Program

Environmental Sustainability Program of UTMCS 

What is the environmental sustainability program?

The Environmental Sustainability Program is a program where students or visitors can engage in sustainability, interacting and experiencing a healthy lifestyle. It focuses more on lifestyle and experience throughout the program.

What types of activities are offered in UTM?

Each program offers a variety of activities depending on the type of activity and location. Each area visited has its own unique environment and activity throughout the program. Examples of Environmental sustainability activities such as:

Examples of Activity

  • Introduction to sustainable products.
  • Cycling to UTM orchard
  • Orchard visits and learning how to make compost fertilizer from organic waste
  • Types of farm animals in UTM
  • Conduct gardening activities (Urban Farming).

A more exciting activity can be found [Visit My Campus]

A visit to the UTM Orchard.

Cycling activities.

Fruit Enzyme making.

Recreation Eco-Tourism

  • Jungle tracking.
  • A visit to Tropical Garden / UTM Lake
  • A visit to Eco-Home and recognizing sustainable building concept materials.
  • A visit to UTM Equine Center (UTM Equine Park / Equestrian)

Further information can contact: Eco Campus Unit

Visit to the Eco Home.

Eco Home Visit

Eco Home Visit


What is the meaning of recycling?

Recycling can be defined as the process where waste materials are converted into something that can be useful or valuable. There are some wastes or garbage that can be reproduced into new or similar items.

  • Did you know that we produce a significant amount of garbage daily? Garbage or solid wastes are something that is no longer used or needed that are produced from commercial, agricultural activities, and industry.

What is the cost of the environmental sustainability visit?

RM 70.00 for each person (including bicycle transportation to UTM orchard). Cost are including the food and drink, a certificate of participation will be given to each person.

How to register?

Online application form, click here.

“Environmental sustainability” is a new package where the students and visitors are invited to learn and experience a sustainable environment by visiting University Technology Malaysia.