Family Quarters

  1. Family quarters are provided specifically for married students who live with their family members during the period of their residence in the college.
  2. Applications must be accompanied by copies of the marriage certificate, birth certificate/identity card.
  3. The spouse, children and dependents shall stay together throughout the period the student resides in the quarters. Failure to stay together by itself invalidates the eligibility of the student.
  4. The residents of the family quarters consist of only the student, spouse, children and dependants.
  5. The resident is prohibited from renting any part of the quarters to any other person.
  6. The rental offer is for a period of an academic session. Application for extension shall be made at the College Office three months before the expiry of the rental period.
  7. Residents of family quarters are also subject to the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( Discipline of Students ) Rules (Amendment 1999) and all regulations issued by the University.
  8. The University reserves the right to withdraw its approval at any time it deems fit.