College Residential Conditions

1.Every resident is responsible for all the facilities provided and must ensure that the facilities are in good working condition until the end of his period of residence.

2.A resident shall use the College premises with proper care and shall not do anything that may disfigure, deface or cause any damages to any other part of the grounds or building or to any article or fixture therein.

3.A resident shall, in using the College premises, take all care to ensure that he does not cause any inconvenience, annoyance, obstruction or nuisance to any other person. A resident shall be economical in the use of the water and electricity supplies.

4.Residents are responsible for cleaning their respective rooms and ensuring that all fixtures and clothing are properly stored and arranged. Clothing shall not be hung at the windows.

5.Every resident shall pay compensation for any property of the University that he loses, damages or defaces. In addition, disciplinary action may be taken.

6.A resident is wholly responsible for his belongings and himself.