Workshop 2


There is a conspicuous gap seeking for reliable data to support the existing framework on the sustainable city and meteorological disaster for the tropical urban tropical catchment. Utilizing satellite data for such purposes is an ideal solution as many environmental data are in open access mode. However, utilization of such data to its maximum potential requires a thorough processing and its knowledge and know-how are subjected to be the main objectives of this workshop. Focuses will be given to the extreme tropical meteorology and satellite LIDAR at city scale and their data management. The workshop will provide latest and practical knowledge sharing from multiple universities and institutions to the respective stakeholders. It is aimed that this workshop could spearhead progressive prevention, adaption, and mitigation activities for city-scale meteorological disaster.

SEATUC 2022 Secretariat


Technical Session Paper Submission Due : 30th Oct. 2021 15th Nov. 2021 30th Nov. 2021
Innovative Session Paper Submission Due: 30th Oct. 2021 15th Nov. 2021 30th Nov. 2021
Acceptance Notification: 15th Jan. 2022
Final Manuscript Due: 30th Jan. 2022