Research on measures to address infectious diseases control attuned to the needs of developing countries

※SATREPS projects in the field of Infectious Diseases Control have been transferred to AMED – the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. (The transfer took place on April 1, 2015. Projects that terminated before that date were not transferred)

HIV/AIDS, malaria, dengue fever, tuberculosis, highly-pathogenic avian influenza, bacteria resistant to antibiotics like carbapenem and colistin, and other emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases not only pose a threat to health in developing countries but act as a major impediment to social and economic development. The frequency with which people and goods are now moving across national borders means that these problems are not confined to developing countries. Japan is consequently keen to boost international cooperation regarding infectious diseases that spread quickly and widely across the border.

Examples of the list main research subjects:-

* One restriction applied to all research areas is that clinical trials and medical practice are not eligible for the SATREPS program. Note also that there for some research topics, there may be a requirement to take specific ethical perspectives into account.