Brief Biodata
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Bin Ngah

Ibrahim Ngah (PhD) is a Professor of Urban & Regional Planning at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and also hold the post as Deputy Director of the Centre for Innovative Planning & Development, UTM. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UTM, a Master in Demography from ANU and PhD in Geography from University of Leeds. His area of specialization includes rural planning, rural development and population studies. His involvement in rural planning and development cover research and consultancy works for the state and federal government. His recent studies include The Role of Non-farm Activities and New Forms of Farming in Rural Livelihood and Economic Development, Impact Study of Rural Economic Development Programs of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, A Study on Satisfaction Levels of FELDA Settlers after 50 years, and Strategy for Sustainable Development of Orang Asli Community in Perak. He also written a number of books and articles on rural planning and development including Pelan Tindakan Desa, Pembangunan Mampan Luar Bandar and Indonesian Immigrats Labours in Rural Johor. Currently he lectures on Rural Planning, Rural Community and Culture, Rural Economic Development, and Planning Theory and serves as a corporate member of The Malaysian Institute of Planners. He is also a registered town planner.