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Director of PPMU

Prof. Dr. Muhamad Zameri Bin Mat Saman


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University Laboratory Management Centre (PPMU) was established under the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation), UTM.

The function of the centre is to discuss any issues related to laboratory such as development, regulation, accreditation, competency, coordination, unformity and collaboration.

Overall, the management of all laboratories in UTM is centralized under PPMU.At present, PPMU has its own central laboratory which is known as University Industries Research Laboratory (UIRL). UIRL is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation & technologies to suit your analysis needs.

All of them are available for use by students & researchers in UTM, and for other local universities & industries.


University Laboratory Management Centre (PPMU) Events and Activities

VPSEM & TEM is now operating!

We are happy to announce that our state-of-the-art variable pressure scanning electron microscope (VPSEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) will be opened for service starting 4 October 2015. Click the pictures below for more details. If you have samples to...

TACIT KNOWLEDGE 2015 International Sharing Seminar

TACIT KNOWLEDGE 2015 INTERNATIONAL SHARING SEMINAR  "Towards Excellence in High Innovation of Research and Teaching Laboratory." is now open for registration.   SEMINAR KEBANGSAAN PERKONGSIAN TACIT KNOWLEDGE 2015 “Makmal Pengajaran & Penyelidikan Berinovasi...

The Director 

Prof. Dr. Muhamad Zameri Bin Mat Saman

Prof. Dr. Muhamad Zameri Bin Mat Saman

Director of PPMU

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