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Advance X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Laboratory
Room no : 01-32-01
2Details of Instrument:

Detail :

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy is a quantitative analysis tool that can provide the elemental composition (excluding hydrogen) and information on chemical bonding environments and oxidation states within the upper 1-10 nm of the surface.


An X-ray beam (photon energy, hν) is focused onto a surface resulting in the ejection of electrons with kinetic energies (KE) characteristic of the atoms and bonding environments they originated from. Measured kinetic energies are converted to binding energies (BE) via:

KE = hν - BE - Φ

where Φ is the work function of the instrument.

What XPS Can Offer In Surface Characterizations

1. Survey Spectra

The number of electrons is plotted as a function of binding energy to produce survey spectra. These spectra show the elemental composition of the surface (excluding hydrogen and helium).

2. High Resolution Spectra

The binding energy of a photoelectron reflects the bonding environment it was emitted from. Accurate measurement of peak positions after deconvolution of high resolution spectra provides quantitative chemical state information.

Sample Type :

1. Solid
2. Powder
3. Dry sample and thin sample

Sample size : Not more than 2cm x 2cm for solid. Thickness not more than 1cm.

Amount required : Small amount (about 5g only).
3Service ChargePlease refer to P.I.C for quotation.
4Operation HoursSun- Wed : 08.30am-05.00pm (Run & Analysis Sample )

Thursday : 08.30am-03.30pm (For booking only)
5StatusAvailable for booking
6P.I.CAmy Zuria Binti Abdul Ajid

Muhamad Arif bin Mislet
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Updated on : 05/04/2017