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Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction (SC-XRD)


Open For Sample Analysis

*Provide Software and Raw Data

*Data Interpretation are not included 


Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
Room no : 01-58-01
2Details of Instrument:Details :

Brand: Ringaku Oxford Diffraction
Model : XtaLAB P200
The XtaLAB P200 is designed with DECTRIS PILATUS 200K hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD), a photon-counting detector that is essentially noise free and offers extremely fast readout times and a dynamic range high enough even for synchrotron sources. The XtaLAB P200 can be configured with molybdenum (Mo) radiation, copper (Cu) radiation, or a combination of the two.

What SCXRD can offer :

Single crystal X-ray diffraction allow for absolute information on the geometrical structure of molecules and molecular solids, including bond distances, bond orders, bond angles, shapes of coordination polyhedral, conformations of flexible molecules, as well as intermolecular contacts.

Sample Requirement :
1. Must have a single, robust (stable) sample, generally between 50-250 microns in size
2. Optically clear sample

Limitation :
1. Powder and liquid samples not allowed
3Service ChargePlease refer to P.I.C for quotation.
4Operation HoursSun- Wed : 08.30am-05.00pm (Run & Analysis Sample )

Thursday : 08.30am-03.30pm (For booking only)
6P.I.CNur Syakirah binti Mohd Noh

Muhamad Arif Bin Mislet
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Updated on : 14/08/2019