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Brand: Jeol EM-091001S

Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope Laboratory - Sample Preparation Room (01-39-03)
2Details of Instrument:
The Ion Slicer EM-09100IS is an innovative product for specimen preparation for TEM and STEM as well as for SEM and Auger. The system enables quick and easy preparation of (S)TEM specimen - even of heterogeneous materials - using an Ar ion beam. The specimen preparation only requires minimal effort. No disc grinding or dimple grinding is required. The Ion Slicer therefore prepares the thin film specimens more quickly and easily than conventional preparation systems.

The specimens are processed with a low energy Ar ion beam at a small incident angle. A thin, flexible shielding band protects the specimen and only permits the radiation at a very flat angle. This significantly reduces ion beam damage to the specimen. The result is a thin film of high quality with very few artifacts even in soft materials. The ion slicer can produce thin films of specimens of different compositions very effectively, even specimens with porous parts.
3Service ChargePlease refer to P.I.C for quotation.
4Operation Hours9.00 am – 4.30 pm
5StatusAvailable for booking
6P.I.CNur Farhana Binti Hasmuni

Norshilyla Binti Mohd Jailani
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