UTM Emergency Response Management Course Participants 2014

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An emergency is a situation that happens suddenly and bring bad effects not only on the Organization but also to the surrounding community. Emergencies often happen when organizations are not prepared to deal with it thus making the situation worse.

Emergencies require immediate response because in an emergency, a small incident can turn into a crisis, if proper actions are not taken to control it. In other words, emergency response management involves initial set up process to face any possibilities, reduce or limit the impact of responding to circumstances or events that have probably happened, and rehabilitation after emergencies.

The need to provide emergency response management at work is compulsory under the legislation relating to occupational safety and health. Even though it’s not mentioned directly under Occupational Health Safety Act 1994 (Act 514), but Part IV, Section 15 is describing an arrangement to set up that work and his men are safe at work or in the workplace.




Emergency response management to face any emergency is likely to occur in this University has never been formed and established. Thus, on the awareness of interests and requirements in accordance with the requirements of the legislation on OSH TRAININGS (Act 514) ,the OSHE UTM has established an Emergency Response Committee  within the university level. Among the Committee’s role is to formulate and develop emergency response management system for easily and launch emergency situation if it happens. Additionally, prepare and conduct relevant programmes, such as training and so on.

This Committee is made up of personnel from various divisions and units of the facility or facilities, owned and managed by management function. Among them, Security Division, Office of the Built Assets, Office of Student Affairs Alumni, Legal Affairs Division, Office of the Treasurer and the like. In addition, individuals who have expertise has also given the opportunity to join the Committee.All divisions and units and individuals involved was placed under a team named as emergency response Team UTM. It is headed by an Incident Commander.Among the functions of the team is to facilitate and launch emergency response management involving three emergency phases, namely :

  1. First phase: Before emergency – the planning and preparations to face the emergency.
  2. Second phase: during an emergency occurs – instant emergency response to control
  3. Third phase: once an emergency occurs – the work of restoration and cleaning


The goal of this Emergency action plan is to reduce the causes of emergencies. In addition to control or limit any destruction. But the goal of the emergency response plan which paramount is save lives.So some things need to be given priority, which is :

  1. Safety of life – in the event of situations that involve many casualties and more injuries, and rescue resources are limited, priority shall be given to aid service
  2. The safety of rescue– a rescuer should not put themselves in a condition that risky
  3. To protect the security asset, property and reputation of the university
  4. Ensure the safety of the public and the environment
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