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This book is best suited to be a basic text for engineering students in higher learning institutions, especially for students pursuing Civil Engineering courses. The book has been structured to give readers an understanding of methods of analysis for civil engineering structures. These topics are essential before students begin any design work. The basics required are mechanics of materials, theory of structure, and also knowledge in mathematics, especially matrix operations. After reading the entire contents and attempting the exercises made available at the end of each chapter, students will be able to solve problems easily using the principles learned. Readers should try doing as many practice questions as possible in this book to understand structure analysis in depth.


This book was written based on the author’s 30 years teaching experience. This is his sixth published book written after Static Mechanics, Dynamic Mechanics, Material Mechanics and Structures, Theory of Structure, and Steelwork Design to BS 5950: 2000 published by Penerbit UTM Press.  He has also translated three books on structural analysis, also published by Penerbit UTM Press.

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