Key Information

Code: SS22.

Taught During: Session 1 and 2.

Course Coordinator: Dr. Eraricar Salleh.

Prerequisites: Nil.

Background: Are you a young scientist who is thinking about a career in food? The Food Science, Innovation and Food Safety Summer School aims to give young scientists an idea of how exciting Food Science can really be, opening their eyes to this ever changing multidisciplinary science subject which affects everyone on a daily basis. The food industry is one of the largest employers in the world. Food scientists are constantly in demand by the industry to ensure that the challenges and demands of the market are met. The future of our food safety and the health of our ageing population rest, in part, with food scientists.

The program will give students the chance to:

  • Experience hands-on laboratory activities
  • Design a new innovation food product
  • Develop entrepreneurship skill by completing Apprentice –style task
  • Communicate and socialize with locals for case studies (team work):
    • On food safety, quality, analysis and public health
    • Food design and innovation

Objectives: The aim of the summer school is to bring together students from various countries and universities to exchange their knowledge in the field of food science, food safety and quality. Besides the students also can have a chance to explore Malaysian traditional food. The rich historical heritage has evidently resulted in Malaysian exotic cuisine. Through this summer school students will have the opportunity to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of future generations.

Content: As in the program schedule.

Duration: Two (2) weeks.

Fees: USD 1,000 (include course materials, airport pick-up, accommodation, transportation, excursions, meals).

Application Deadlines: June 1, 2019.

Who Can Apply: Local and international students (students in food science, food engineering, and safety in food chain, nutrition science and to those enjoy food). Click HERE to download the course’s brochure!


Week 1

Day 1: Food Safety and Handling

Day 2: Food Science and Engineering

Day 3: Food Innovation and Product Design

Day 4: Food factory  and cottage industry visit

Day 5: Method of food preservation and storage: Traditional vs Modern Technique

Day 6: Visit to Malaysian Orang Asli Village: Experience food culture and life of Orang Asli and Demonstration:Traditional Malaysian food from the preparation till finish product

Day 7: Tour to local places of interest around JB city

Week 2

Day 1: Introduction to Food Packaging

Day 2: Laboratory activities and case studies

Day 3: Laboratory activities and case studies

Day 4: Laboratory activities and case studies

Day 5: Apprentice style task innovate new food product from waste to wealth to pitch to a judging panel

Day 6: Morning: Case studies presentation and Evening: Closing ceremony and BBQ Dinner

Day 7: Departure

Course Coordinator

Dr. Eraricar Salleh

School of Chemical and Energy Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


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