Key Information

Code: SS08.

Taught During: Session 1 and 2.

Course Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr Ramesh K S @ Mohd Zaidi Bin Abd Rozan

Prerequisites: Nil.


GWEB will focus on the 5 Discipline of Innovation (5DOI) as one of the basic methodologies outlined by Stanford Research Institute (SRI). The modules have been amended accordingly to suit the ecosystem in higher learning institutions in Malaysia and make it compatible with the programme. Participants of this boot camp will be exposed to the basics of 5 DOI and by the end of the program participants will gain a better understanding in the process of pitching using the NABC (Needs, Approach, Benefit, Cost) format. Participants will be guided and mentored by speakers and facilitators who have been attending the 5 DOI course and a series of TOT courses organized by UTM XCITE to act as mentors and coaches. In addition, to further strengthen the knowledge in business, participants will be taught Design Thinking (DT). Design Thinking is a powerful tool that has been used by various entrepreneurs and leading companies around the world. DT consists of the four key components which is Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.



  • To improve students understanding to the key concepts of innovation in research and business. Furthermore, it can improve their knowledge and skills in commercializing their research results.
  • To expose the students to Design Thinking in developing their business for the future. Students will develop their skills in entrepreneurship, particularly in learning to do effective marketing, understanding customer needs, market valuation.
  • To provide training and activities involved in managing/owning a real business.

 Durations: Five (5) days (7/5 – 11/5)

 Fees: USD 500

 Application deadlines: 20 April 2019

 Who Can Apply: ATU representatives and UTM students


7 May – Introduction to  GWEB, Introduction to Design Thinking

8 May – Experience Sharing Talk by Successful Student Entrepreneur, Introduction to NABC

9 May –  Value Creation Forum, Fundamentals of marketing, Basics of Finance, Industrial Visit to Industries

10 May – Introduction to Business Model, Experiential Learning: How to Win Pitching Competition in Global Platform?,Market Validation & Customer Insight, Customer Profile & Value Proposition FIT, Experiential Market Validation : A trip to Bazar Karat

11 May – Final Pitching, Closing Ceremony

Course Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr Ramesh K S @ Mohd Zaidi Bin Abd Rozan

UTM Centre For Student Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia