Key Information

Code: SS06

Taught During: Semester 1 & Semester 2

Prerequisites: Nil


This program is intended to provide the students of Indonesian Akamigas Polytechnic an opportunity to participate in a two-week informative learning activities involving courses, Chemical Engineering Principle, Mass and Energy Balance and Organic Chemistry (both programs).




  • To improve student of Polytechnic of Akamigas in basic of chemical engineering and basic chemical science through 4 courses offered

Content: Durations: Two (2) weeks (6 – 20 July 2019)


  • USD650

 Who Can Apply:

  • Oil and Gas Laboratory Analysis students of Polytechnic of Akamigas (30 students)
  • Oil and Gas Processing Engineering students of Polytechnic of Akamigas (60 students)

Day 1 – Day of arrival

Day 2 – briefing & introduction

Day 3 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Engineering Calculations

Day 4 – Alkanes and Alkynes

Day 5 – Chemical Reaction of Hydrocarbons, Benzene, Humidity and Saturation, Atomic and Molecular Mass

Day 6 – Benzene and Derivatives, Mass and Mole Fraction, Principle of Alcohol and Ether

Day 7 – Free & Easy

Day 8 – Tour

Day 9 – Material Balances for Batch and Continuous Processes, Carbonyl Compounds, Concentration/Pressure/Temperature

Day 10 – Material Balances for Batch and Continuous Processes, Fundamental of Material Balances, Separation, Purification and Characterization

Day 11 – Energy Balances, Hydrocarbon Compounds, Crude Oil and Gas Composition, Fundamentals of Material Balances

Day 12 – Materials and Energy Balances for Steady and Unsteady State Processes, Introduction to Crude Oil Processing, Macro molecules, Differential balances

Day 13 – Test 1, Crude Oil Purification Process

Day 14 – Day of departure

Course Coordinator

Dr. Hasrinah Hasbullah

School of Chemical and Energy Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


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