Key Information

Code: SS02.

Taught During: Session 1 and 2.

Course Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Abidah Bte Mohd Omar.

Prerequisites: Tailor-made upon request.

Background: This is a short English oral communication skill course for future professionals especially for those involved in engineering and science. The course serves as a platform for participants to practice their English skills with emphasis on science and technology in an integrated academic and natural environment. In addition, the course would improve the participants’ confidence and ability to speak about discipline-related matters in English. Expert educators will guide the participants’ learning experience and they will be accompanied by trained local students as learning buddies. During the course, they will be given opportunities to deliver oral presentations and participate in group discussions on issues related to contemporary science and technology. These activities will enhance their confident level in using English.



  • To provide English Communication Skills Practice for undergraduates as future professionals
  • To develop confidence and ability to speak disciplined related matters in English
  • To conduct and participate in group discussions on issues using English
  • To develop ability in delivering verbal reports in English


  • Oral Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Public Speaking / Impromptu Speeches
  • Visual Based Interactive Communication
  • Journal Writing
  • Cultural Sharing Sessions
  • UTM Lab Visits
  • Industrial Visits / Excursions
  • Recreational Activities with UTM Buddies

Duration: Two (2) and three (3) weeks. (1 – 13 September 2019)

Fees: USD 1,000 (2 weeks) and USD 1,500 (3 weeks). The fees include course materials, airport pick-up, accommodation, transportation, excursions, meals.

Application Deadlines: Open all year round.

Who Can Apply: Local and international students.

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Week 1

Day 1: UTM Campus Tour, Educational Trip to Farmers’ / Morning Market, Registration & Welcoming Reception, Ice-breaking & Small Talk and Topical Journal Entry
Day 2: Gathering & Processing Information, Chapters, Cultural Sharing Session (Malaysian Buddies) and Topical Journal Entry
Day 3: Visual Based Interactive Communication, Oral Presentation (Lecture 1), Lab Visits and Topical Journal Entry
Day 4: Excursions
Day 5: Oral Presentation (Lecture 2), Group Discussion (Lecture 1) and Chapters
Day 6: Industrial Visit
Day 7: Activities with UTM Buddies

Week 2

Day 1: Chapters, Language Games and Topical Journal Entry
Day 2: Group Discussion (Assessment 1), Chapters, Preparation & Practice for Oral Presentation Assessment, Visual Aids Making and Topical Journal Entry
Day 3: Half-Day in My Life as a UTM Student, Group Discussion of Experience and Topical Journal Entry
Day 4: Oral Presentation Assessment, Language Games, Cultural Sharing Session (Participants) and Topical Journal Entry
Day 5: Visual Based Interactive Communication Review, Review & Discussion of the Intensive English Course, Questionnaire Answering Session, Reflection, Closing, Farewell Tea and Award of Certificates
Day 6: Free & Easy / Activities with UTM Buddies
Day 7: Departure to Home Country

Week 3

For further information on the program of week 3, kindly refer to the following brochures:

Course Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Abidah Bte Mohd Omar
Language Academy

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia