Training and information units are responsible to provide training and courses for those who are involve in gas industry within Malaysia. This particular training will consist of periodic courses, in-line with the requirements of the Energy Commission. Special competency courses such as Gas Distribution for Gas Engineers and Gas Engineering Supervisors, Gas Fitters Class I, II & III and Responsible Person are available throughout a year period. Others courses required by the gas industry are also offered. Among other courses conducted are Gas Management for Gas Contractor, Gas Safety, Burner Conversion and CFD.

Training and courses provided by the centre are conducted by a group experienced lectures from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and staff from government agencies such department of Electricity and Gas Supply, Department of Health and Safety, PETRONAS and various private sectors such as Gas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and SIRIM. They are assembled from experienced trainers whom are directly involved in gas industry fully operation.

On October the 4th 1999 through its consistent efforts, Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik dan Gas, Malaysia (JBEG) also known as Jabatan Gas, Suruhanjaya Tenaga gave credentials to UTM-MPRC Institute for Oil & Gas as Training and Examination Centre of Gas Engineering, Gas Engineering Supervisor and Gas Fitters.

Supported by its competent staff, UTM-MPRC Institute for Oil & Gas has successfully organized numbers of local and international seminars and workshop. These seminars and workshops are jointly organize in collaboration with Energy Commission (EC), Malaysia Gas Association (MGA), Association of Malaysian Gas Contractors (PERGAS) and utilities companies such as Gas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd (GMSB), Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn. Bhd (SEC), Petronas Dagangan Bhd, Shell and Minister of Education.


  1. To become a teaching and learning centre in gas engineering field.
  2. To become reference and database centre for data collection of gas industry and related gas engineering materials in Malaysia.
  3. To become information provider in related gas technology for gas industry and global community.


Always ready to fulfill the manpower training needs for gas industry and responsible in preparing the most updated information – shaping UTM-MPRC Institute for Oil & Gas to be the main information source for gas industry in Malaysia and its neighboring countries.

The training activity has started since 1985 under the management of Jawatankuasa Latihan Perindustrian Petroleum (JLPP). Since the establishment of the institute in 1997, training programs were directly administrated under its professional training area. Currently, this activities are continually managed and organized by UTM-MPRC Institute for Oil & Gas with the expansion of several other new courses in-line with the current head of gas industry in Malaysia.

UTM-MPRC Institute for Oil & Gas has successfully conducted numbers of seminars and workshops in accordance to the relevant industrial needs. The organization of the seminars and workshops are products of fruitful partnerships between UTM-MPRC Institute for Oil & Gas, the Energy Commission (ST), Malaysia Gas Association (MGA), Malaysian Gas Contractors Society (PERGAS), and gas utility company such as Gas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (GMSB), Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS, Shell, and other companies.

Listed below are among seminars and workshops conducted by UTM-MPRC Institute for Oil & Gas:

  1. Gas Safety and Legislation
  2. National Gas Reticulation Industry
  3. Gas Reticulation Safety and Legislation
  4. Gas Reticulation System
  5. Computational Fluid Dynamic
  6. Computer Aided Design
  7. Introduction to Gas Safety for Industries