Research and development are among the most important sector need to be concentrated to ensure a completeness of organization and boost the capability to develop forward in this current globally era. This aspect serves as the core area at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to emerge as a ‘discovery university’.

Being sensitive and proactive, UTM-MPRC Institute For Oil & Gas has made the first move by forming research and development unit. This unit will prepare various forums for the academicians, researcher and industries so that they can exchange research information and product development updates for the usage of communities.

To ensure the success of this unit, UTM-MPRC Institute For Oil & Gas together with close collaboration from Gas Engineering Department already setup several laboratories which to equipped with the state-of-the-art technology equipment.


  1. To become a leader in gas technology research and services.
  2. To become a reference centre for disseminating information for the development of the gas industry.
  3. To become information provider in related gas technology for gas industry and global community.

Fulfilling the national vision towards achieving its industrialized status in particular to UTM-MPRC Institute For Oil & Gas.

Focus Area
Research is one of the major activity of any Centre of Excellence (CoE) in UTM and emerged significantly in the 2010 with the achievement of ‘Research University’ status. New innovation of existing technology and establishment of new areas of study had led to a new discovery zone. Materializing this fact, UTM-MPRC Institute For Oil & Gas has taken an initiative in paving the way towards conducting research in areas which are of the common interest and priority of UTM and the country. Below is a list of focus areas of the research activities:

  • Absorption Gas Storage System for Natural Gas Vehicle
  • Absorption Chiller System for Malaysia Domestic Application
  • Testing System For Gas Piping Equipment and Components
  • Gas Injection for Natural Gas Vehicle
  • Fuel System for Natural Gas Vehicle
  • Gas Metering and Calibration System
  • Computational fluid Dynamic for Industrial Solution
  • Network Analysis for Gas Flow Distribution
  • Gas Storage Studies
  • Pipeline Erosion Due to High Pressure Water Jet
  • Pipeline Integrity

Producing products for industries expediency:

GasNett ©

  • A computer simulator use in the design of gas pipeline network system.
  • Industries that gain benefits through this application are; PETRONAS, Gas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd., Energy Commission, Gas Contractors amd Engineering Consultant.

SimGas ©

  • A computer simulator mainly used in the design of tree type gas pipeline system.
  • Among industries that are currently using this application are; PETRONAS Dagangan, Energy Commission and Gas Contractors.

GaStor ©

  • A computer simulator use in the designing of small to large scale gas storage system.
  • Among the potential industries benefiting from the simulator are; Gas Contractors, PETRONAS, Gas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd. and Energy Commission. Academic Institution also benefits through integration of complex and simple storage formulation based on current demand design.

Consultancy project that had been implemented

  1. Copper Development Corporation (SEA) Region.
  2. Hijai Baiduri Sdn. Bhd.
  3. Gas Network Analysis For LPG Piping System At Clay Industries Sdn. Bhd.
  4. Energy conservation studies for LPG burner system at Clay Sdn. Bhd.
  5. Development of installation service and maintenance procedure.
  6. Gas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Project – Pipeline Incident Investigation.

Product Prototype

  1. Semi Positive Displacement – Water Meter
  2. Network Analysis Software
  3. GASTOR v1.3
  4. FABIS
  6. Domistic Gas Diagram Meter

Patented product
Semi Positive Displacement – Water Meter