Professor Dr. Ricardo Martinez – Botas received a Honorary Doctorate in Engineering 

CONGRATULATIONS! Profesor Dr. Ricardo Martinez-Botas who has been conferred the Honorary Doctorate in Engineering in conjuction with the 63rd UTM’s Convocation. This recognition was given for his contribution in developing the low carbon vehicle that has led to the establishment of Locartic Lab in UTM.


Media Mentions

Johor Permaisuri: Development must take into account well-being of people

Dr. Srithar Rajoo gave a talk at Mechanical Engineering Seminar, Seoul National University 

Date: 04 November 2019

Location: Seoul National University

Title: Turbocharger Research for Future Engine Demands

Dr. Srithar Rajoo said coventional internal combustion engine today have to evolve to catch up with the demand and necessities for clean and healthy living. The general consensus are internal combustion engine has to become smaller, fuel flexible and efficient, environmental friendly and yet still delivers the required driving demands. He believes that turbocharging will be one of the key enablers to achive these tough demands. However turbocharger design and operation itself need to evolve in order to be relevant.

President of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Forklift, Engine & Turbocharger Holdings visits UTM LoCARtic


Date: 02 July 2019 

Visitors :

               1. Mr. Atsushi Maekawa, President / CEO

               2. Mr. Atsushi Matsuo, Chief Executive Manager

               3. Mr. Takao Torihara, General Manager MHI KL Office

               4. Mr. John Koh, Senior Manager

International Conference on Turbochargers & Turbocharging Asia Pacific

Place : PARKROYAL on Beach Road Singapore, Singapore

Date: 08 May 2019 – 09 May 2019

Speaker: Srithar Rajoo, Director, UTM Centre for Low Carbon Transport

Industry Talk

It is a great pleasure to invite you to Industry  Talk by Dr. Peter Harley from Dyson on 12th December 2018. This talk will bring forward some of the current product design challenged at Dyson. This is good opportunity for students to get a first hand insight into design practices at Dyson. See you soon!

Professor Ricardo Martinez – Botas Short Visits @LoCARtic

Professor Ricardo Martinez – Botas, UTM Distinguished Visiting Professor from Imperial College London has spent some time visiting the labs and meeting the research members here in LOCARTIC. He will also give a talk on  ‘Future Challenge in Road Transport to Meet Low Carbon and Low Emission Target’ to UTM Mechanical Engineering students and staffs. 

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