Salmiati, PhD

 Dr Salmiati

Senior Lecturer

Centre for Environmental Sustainaility and Water Security

Block C07, Level 2,

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

81310 Johor Bahru, Johor

Phone: +607 553 1527

Fax: +607 553 1575




Ph.D. Civil Engineering – UTM Malaysia, 2008

M.Eng. Environmental Engineering – UTM, Malaysia, 2002

Graduate. Science, Biology – Unsyiah, Indonesia, 1995

Teaching and Research Interest

Dr. Salmiati teaches courses related to environmental engineering at undergraduate and masters levels. The subjects of course include water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management and water quality analysis. She has been working in certain areas of her research, such as microbiology and chemical analysis, biological assessment, adsorption of Arsenic onto porous materials, and biogranulation process.

Representative Research Publications

  1. Salmiati, Farrah Aini Dahalan, Mohamed Zuhaili Mohamed Najib, Mohd Razman Salim, Zaini Ujang. (2015). Characteristics of Developed Granules Containing Phototrophic Aerobic Bacteria for Minimizing Carbon Dioxide Emission. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 15-23.
  2. Nor Zaiha Arman, Mohd. Ismid Mohd. Said, Salmiati, Mohamad Shahrul Azri. (2015). Effects of Logging Activities on Ecological Water Quality Indicators in the Berasau River, Johor, Malaysia. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 187(8 ), 1-9.
  3. Nor Zaiha Arman, Salmiati, Ismid Mohd. Said. (2015). Temporal Distribution of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities from Tropical Forest Stream in Southern Peninsular, Malaysia. Sains Malaysiana 44(9):1223-1228.
  4. Mahdi Rafieizonooz, Mohd Razman Salim, Ernaz Khankhaje, Mohd Warid Hussein, Salmiati. (2015). Determining the Causes of Delay in Construction Projects in Tehran Using Factor Analysis. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 735, 109-116.
  5. Nur Anis Ahmad Lutpi, Muhamad Ali Muhammad Yuzir, Ee Ling Yong, Mohamad Razman Salim, Zulkifli Yusop, Salmiati. (2015). The Effect of Water Quality on Removal of Acetaminophen in Surface Water by Ozonaion Process. Jurnal Teknologi. 74(11), 1-7.
  6. S. Muhamad, M. R. Salim, W. J. Lau, M. A. Yuzir, S. Yunus. (2015). Fabrication of Mixed Matric Membrane Incorporated with Modified Silica Nanoparticles for Bisphenol A Removal. Jurnal Teknologi. 74(11), 23-31.
  7. Farrah Aini Dahalan, Norhayati Abdullah, Ali Yuzir, Gustaf Olsson, Salmiati, Myzairah Hamdzah, Mohd Fadhil, Mohd Din, Siti Aqlima Ahmad, Khalilah Abdul Khalil, Aznah Nor Anuar, Zainura Zainon Noor, Zaini Ujang. (2015). A Proposed Aerobic Granules Size Development Scheme for Aerobic Granulation Process. Bioresource Technology. 181, 291-296.
  8. Faridahanim Ahmad, Shamila Azman, Mohd Ismid Mohd Said, Lavania-Baloo, Shaikhah Sabri and Salmiati. (2014). Metals in Tropical Seagrass-Accumulation of Mercury and Lead. World Applied Sciences Journal. 32(8), 1468-147.
  9. Salmiati, Mohd Razman Salim, Zaini Ujang, Farrah Aini Dahalan, Gustaf Olsson. (2014). Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) Production from Complex Polymer Organic Waste Using Anaerobic and Aerobic Sequence Batch Reactor. Journal of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2(2), 22-27
  10. Mohammed Saidu, Ali Yuzir, Mohd Razman Salim, Salmiati, Shamila Azman, Norhayati Abdullah. (2014). Biological pre-treated oil palm mesocarp fiber with cattle manure for biogas production by anaerobic digestion during acclimatization phase. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation. 95, 189-194.
  11. Muhamed Zuhaili Muhamed Najib, Zaini Ujang, Salmiati. (2013). Morphological Characterization of Photosynthetic Microbial Granule in Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) For Reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences. 17(3), 445-453.
  12. Nor Zaiha Arman, Salmiati, Mohd. Ismid Mohd. Said, Shamila Azman (2013). Anthropologic Influences on Aquatic life Community and Water Quality Status in Mengkibol River, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Sanitation. 8(3), 151-160.
  13. Nor Zaiha Arman, Mohd. Ismid Mohd. Said, Salmiati, Shamila Azman, Muhammad Hazim Mat Hussin. (2013). Comparison Between Water Quality Index (WQI) and Biological Indicator Water Quality Index (BWQI) from Water Quality Assessment: Case Study of Melana River, Johor. The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Science 17(2), 224 – 229
  14. Mohammed Saidu, Ali Yuzir, Mohd Razman Salim, Salmiati, Shamila Azman, Norhayati Abdullah (2013). Influence of palm oil mill effluent as inoculum on anaerobic digestion of cattle manure for biogas production. Bioresource Technology. 141, 174-176.
  15. F.Md. Din, M. Ponraj, Z. Ujang, M.v. Loosdrecht, Salmiati, S. Chelliapan, V. Zambare, G. Olsson (2012). Development of Bio-Rec® system for polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) production and its storage in mixed cultures of palm oil mill effluent (POME). Bioresource Technology. 124, 208-216.
  16. F.Md. Din, S.C. Huey, Salmiati, M.A. Ahmad, M. Ponraj, Z. Ujang and S. Chelliapan. (2012). Raw material resource for biodegradable plastic production from cafeteria wastes. Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research. 71, 573-578.
  17. Shamila Azman, Benedict Chan Wei Chiang, Razali Ismail, Jafariah Jaafar, Mohd Ismid Mohd Said, and Salmiati. (2012). Effect of Land Use on Coastal Water and Perna viridis at Johor Straits, Malaysia. International Journal of Environmental Science and Development. 3(3), 237-239.
  18. Shaikhah Sabri, Mohd Ismid Mohd Said, Shamila Azman, Khalida Muda, Mohd Azraai Mohd Kassim, and Salmiati (2012). Copper in Water, Sediment and Strombus Canarium at South Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. International Journal of Environmental Science and Development. 3(3). 217-219.
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