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The Centre undertakes both basic and applied research in providing practical and sustainable solutions in environmental related areas. The current research areas include flood mitigation, climate change impact, green technology, life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon and water footprints, water and wastewater treatment technology, integrated water resources management, urban runoff management, waste recovery and water reuse. These researches are funded by public and private agencies and some are carried out in collaboration with researchers from other countries such as Japan, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Some selected research topics are listed below:

  • Characterization of resin extracted from cactus (Opuntiaficus-indica) as natural coagulant for water purification.
  • Kinetics of Sewage Effluent Organic Matter on the Removal of Pharmaceutical Compounds during Wastewater Ozonation.
  • Optimization of Conventional Water Treatment Plant Operational Practices in Removing New Emerging Pollutants.
  • Micro-Pollutants Removal using Combined Membrane Filtration, Advanced Oxidation Process and Adsorption for Safe Drinking Water.
  • Combining Peakflow, Volume and Duration Using Bivariate Copula Method for an Improved Flood Frequency Modelling. Watershed Level Assessment of Climate Change and Land Use on Future Water Security.
  • Rainwater Harvesting in UTM Campus.
  • Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution and Impact on Reservoir Sedimentation and Water Quality.
  • Combining Instream Routing and Satellite Imagery for Integrated Flood Early Warning System.
  • A System Dynamic Approach for Forecasting Water Demand in Urban Areas of Malaysia.
  • Exploration of Cool-Pavement Materials by Using Wasted Ceramic Tiles towards Combating Urban Heat Island Phenomenon.
  • Algae as Energy Securing, Supplement Reserve and Formulating Carbon Sequestration for Waste Management from POME.
  • Potential of Water Hyacinth Dried Biomass Biobriquette with Palm Oil Mill Wastes Mixture as Green Fuel Alternative.
  • Estimating the Pattern of Municipal Solid Waste Generation Area in A GIS Environment towards Low Carbon Society Formation in Iskandar Region, Malaysia.

A longer listing is provided HERE