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Briefly About IPASA

The Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Water Security (IPASA) was founded in 1994, formerly known as the Institute of Environmental and Water Resource Management. IPASA is one of the research centres that has been established under the umbrella of Research Institute for Sustainable Environment (RISE). It is an interdisciplinary centre, which integrates expertise in various fields at UTM to work with problems related to environment. It provides flexible organisation, which response to new issues as they arise. The Centre main activities are research, publication, consultation and services, continuing education, post graduate supervision, and promotion of environmental awareness. IPASA has excellent track record in providing services to various public and private agencies. In 2017, we have secured about RM 6.5 million research grants from both government and the industries. Our team of engineers and scientists deliver environmental solutions through application of leading edge technologies especially to water and wastewater industries, water authorities and environmental agencies.