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Global Partnership



Bilateral Agreements Focusing on Academic & Research Cooperation

Faculty/ institution level cooperation & academic exchange 


Global Research/Academic Network of Universities on Niche Focus Areas

Support, strengthen and facilitate individual institutions in research; build “primary partnerships” in selected regions with a focus on specific disciplines

Strategic International Collaboration with Reputable Universities

To expand reach globally through reputable partner institution’s network of collaboration and expertise and to leverage on partner’s global ranking/position

Please refer to the UTM template of agreements for reference and guidelines:

Letter of Collaboration (LoC)

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Memorandum of Agreement (MoA)

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – Renewal

A basic note stating the intention of the parties to cooperate in a particular field on basic terms of a general nature. This Letter of Cooperation is not legally binding on the parties and is signed for a general purpose, does not involve Government policies, financial implications and national security.

LoC Template

A statement of understanding and intention of the parties to cooperate in certain areas without establishing a legal relationship between them. The parties are not bound by any legal obligations or liabilities.

MoU Template

An agreement in which the parties agree to establish a legal relationship with each other based on a reply or some other party’s promise. The parties are bound by mutually agreed responsibilities/obligations, risks and liabilities including financial implications. Any breach of the terms and conditions in the MoA will enable the other party to take legal action against the party who made the breach.

Student Exchange Agreement is clasSified as MoA

SEA Template

This is a renewal agreement and below template is only applicable with no amendment of terms and condition from the original agreement. For any changes, new template of agreement is required.

Template MoU renewal

UTM International Partners

Please click  below to download the list (Document active as of March 2022)

UTM International Partners List 2022

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