Training & Consultancy


INSTEG provides consultancy services and training as continuation of professional developments in the following areas of our expertise area:

  • Precise Surveying & Geodetic Metrology Engineering Structural deformation study Dimensional control;  Automation in surveying, Natural hazards mitigation  and sustainable, Underground mapping, Reflectorless mapping, Optimization of accuracy and logistic in engineering   metrology; Intelligent deformation monitoring system; Precise industrial surveying; and Advanced survey adjustment.
  • Remote Sensing / Geo-sensing Applications for natural resource and environmental management including Vegetation Studies and Carbon Mapping; Remote Sensing for Land and Environmental Applications; Satellite Oceanography; Microwave Remote Sensing and Advance Mapping; Sensor Development and Image Processing Technologies.
  • GeoinformaticsRegional Spatial Data Infrastructure (RSDI); Marine SDI; Spatio-Temporal Database; SDI Legal Aspects; Enterprise GIS; and Geospatial Accuracy Assessment
  • Land information system Cadastre; Survey Accurate Cadastral Database; Multipurpose Cadastre and Marine Cadastre.