Publication of Year 2013

  1. Detection of harmful algal blooms of Karenia mikimotoi using MODIS measurements: A case study of Seto-Inland Sea, JapanSiswanto, E., Ishizaka, J., Tripathy, S.C., Miyamura, K., Remote Sensing of Environment Vol. 129 , pp. 185-196, 2013, ISSN00344257. IF = 4.574.
  2. Fusing ASTER, ALI and Hyperion data for enhanced mineral mappingPour, A.B.Hashim, M., International Journal of Image and Data Fusion, 2013, ISSN19479832.
  3. Locational accuracy of underground utility mapping using ground penetrating radar, Jaw, S.W., Hashim, M., Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Vol. 35 , pp. 20-29, 2013, ISSN08867798. IF = 0.727.
  4. Automatic lineament extraction in a heavily vegetated region using Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+) imageryHashim, M., Ahmad, S., Johari, M.A.M., Pour, A.B., Advances in Space Research 51 (5) , pp. 874-890, ISSN: 02731177. IF = 1.178.
  5. DInSAR technique for three-dimensional coastal spit simulation from RADARSAT-1 fine mode dataMarghany, M., Acta Geophysica 61 (2) , pp. 478-493, ISSN: 18956572. IF = 0.617.
  6. Geometric and radiometric evaluation of Razaksat medium-sized aperture camera dataHashim, M., El-Mahallawy, M.S., Reba, M.N.M., Abas, A.A., Ahmad, S., Yap, X.Q.Marghany, M., Arshad, A.S. International Journal of Remote Sensing 34 (11) , pp. 3947-3967, ISSN: 01431161. IF =
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