Publication of Year 2005

  1. Assessment of impact on landscape development to ecological service values and goods using integrated remote sensing and GIS techniquesHashim, M., Yusop, Z., Ibrahim, A.L.,Said, N., Ramlee, H.P., Okuda, T.,Nishimura, S., (…), Kondo, T. , Asian Association on Remote Sensing – 26th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing and 2nd Asian Space Conference, ACRS 2005 2 , pp. 1344-1357 , 2005 , ISBN978-160423751-1 .
  2. Estimating chlorophyll-a vertical profiles from satellite data and the implication for primary production in the Kuroshio front of the East China Sea , Siswanto, E., Ishizaka, J., Yokouchi, K , Journal of Oceanography Vol. 61 (3) , pp. 575-589 , 2005 , ISSN09168370 .
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