Ecology Services Mapping: Phase 1

Research Title .. : .. Ecology Services Mapping: Phase 1.
Principal Investigator .. : .. Prof. Sr. Dr. Mazlan Hashim
Research Description .. : .. In support of vision 2020 (towards achieving develop nation), Malaysia has always advocated sustainable development which
.. .. has been the foundation for the success of the wonderful country.  Climate Change is now scientifically proven reality that is already affecting all of us.  In addressing the challenges of climate change, it need in shallowunderstanding the Earth system-its weather climate, ocean, atmosphere, water, land, geodynamics, natural resources, ecosystem, natural and human-induces crucial to enhancing human health, safety and welfare, alleviating human suffering including poverty, protecting the global environment, reducing disaster losses, and achieving sustainable development.  Observation of the Earth system constitutes critical input for advancing this understanding.The key objectives to establish this hub is aligned with the Prime Minister’s commitment “pledging a 40 % reduction of carbon emissions by 2020”.  It is driving effort for Entry Point Project (EPP3 & 4), National Key economy area (NKEA) under Business Service Sector by positioning Malaysia as a World Class Data Centre and focus on the development of a vibrant green technology industry.  This closely aligns with Government’s implementation of global standards for earth observation of the ratification of international conventions and agreements to meet the complex challenges associated with an integrated approach to achieve the targeted contributions under the National Key Economy Area (NKEA) to GNI 2020. The set of initiatives that need to take place in order to achieve the key objective, TZR Technology Sdn Bhd, is one of the leading bumiputra system integrators in Earth Observation Technology is seeking a 10-year concession from the Government of Terengganu to establish and operate a systematic and comprehensive monitoring network on an Climate Change Mitigation Hub (CCM Hub) which strengthens the repository on the National Policy Climate Change Action KA19-ST5 & KA28-ST7 for water, security, forestry, ecosystem services and renewable energy.
Observation of the Earth System that is put in force conforms to international best practice, this hub is in line with the Government policy to utilize Observation Technology for the Nation as per “Resolution A/RES/41/65/65 95th Plenary Meeting, United Nations General Assembly, 1986”.The action for a better observation of the Earth system are determined based on milestones and ratification by Millennium ecosystem Assessments in water economy for water security, forestry and ecosystem services integrate with a multispectral earth observation technology combination with methodology United Nation classification.The way forward to realize the National climate Change Action KA19-ST5 & KA28-ST7 is to establish a contract with Government of Terengganu to set up Climate Change Mitigation Hub with the following scope of contract :-

  1. Establishment and implementation of a comprehensive Climate Change Mitigation monitoring programme.
  2. Collection, processing, interpretation, analysis and dissemination of climate change data for water security, forestry, ecosystem and renewable energy.
  3. Establishment and management of Climate Change Mitigation Hub (CCM Hub).
  4. Provision of the primary source of climate change (water security, forestry , ecosystem and renewable energy) database for the state.

The initial benefits to the government are (a) reduced disaster redemption cost (dam Safety, hydroelectric power scheme, sustainability for water security and renewable energy (wind energy), (b) cost effective measure for disaster management, (c) ecology service degradation (value of tropical forest). The long term benefits to the government are (a) save ecology service degredation (generating a new revenue eco-tax data), (b) ratification form International Environment Climate Change (carbon, water biodiversity and renewable energy).